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NBC passes on gender-swapped What About Bob? remake

What About Bob?

According to Deadline, NBC has announced that it won’t be moving forward with What About Barb?, the gender-swapped TV pilot adaptation of the 1991 comedy movie What About Bob?. The original movie stars Richard Dreyfuss as a psychiatrist who has to deal with the comedic intrusions of a frustratingly needy patient played by Bill Murray, and the TV show would’ve starred Leah Remini as the psychiatrist and British actress Jessica Gunning as the eponymous Barb.

What About Barb? isn’t the only pilot today that NBC has canned, with Deadline adding that the network has also dropped Relatively Happy, the untitled Kourtney Kang show that would’ve featured Paula Abdul playing herself, and Bill Lawrence and Adam Sztykiel’s Spaced Out. That only leaves Mindy Kaling’s Champions and Tina Fey’s The Sackett Sisters in the running to join the previously picked-up AP Bio.


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