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NBC orders time travel pilot from The Shield’s Shawn Ryan

The Shield

Conveniently timed to the same day as the premiere of The CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow, NBC has announced its own show about a team of heroes who travel through time to stop a villain from ruining history. Unfortunately, unlike Legends, NBC’s show is not a spinoff, so its team of heroes isn’t made up of Olivia Benson, Jeff Winger, one of the Californians, and James Spader’s Blacklist hat. It does, however, come from The Shield and Terriers creator Shawn Ryan, so that’s something.

This news is from Deadline, which reports that NBC has given a pilot order to the series, and that it is simply called Time. The show is officially described as “Back To The Future meets Mission: Impossible,” and it’ll apparently be “a high-octane drama following an unlikely trio who travels through time to battle a master criminal.” Again, this is not just NBC’s take on Legends Of Tomorrow.


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