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NBC orders pilot for Sarah Silverman’s new sitcom

NBC’s current programming strategy seems to be based on conjuring memories of a time, anytime, when the Peacock Network wasn’t the low-ratings plagued mess it is today. Apparently the network’s reboot button has short-range options as well: Harkening back to those salad days where it was in possession of a buzzed-about, moderately popular sitcom starring a bawdy brunette, NBC has ordered a pilot for the latest TV show from comedian Sarah Silverman. The single-camera sitcom (which first caught the eye of Ron Howard, then everyone else trying to capitalize on The Year Of The Vagina) is loosely based on Silverman’s life; should the pilot result in a series order, The A.V. Club eagerly awaits the scene from the first batch of episodes where Silverman pushes a Whitney Cummings lookalike out of the spotlight and reclaims her rightful place as America’s sweetheart with the smutty mouth. [Warming Glow]

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