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NBC orders more Sean Saves The World scripts

Somebody over at NBC seems to like Sean Saves the World—or, at least, Sean Hayes. Despite mediocre reviews and ho-hum ratings, the sitcom has received an order for an additional four scripts, which translates roughly to an additional 86 "gays are so charmingly fussy" jokes, 72 "I wish my mother world die" gags, and not nearly enough "let's just let Thomas Lennon be weird" bits. The Sean Hayes vehicle, created by Victor Fresco, is currently averaging about 4 million total viewers, which isn't terrible after you consider that it was following the dismally rated Welcome To The Family, until that got cancelled. The network is clearly hoping that once it's wedged into the Thursday night line-up with the returning Community and Parks And Recreation as its lead-in—the latter of which it displaced to gain its current slot—it could prove more successful, though it's hard to imagine it will feel like a comfortable fit.


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