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NBC orders another season of Good Girls

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The Girls will be forced to stay Good for another year, apparently, with Deadline reporting that NBC has just granted a fourth season to its suburban crime dramedy Good Girls. Starring Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman as a trio of moms who also become a trio of thieves, money launderers, and occasional accessories to murder—but in, like, a sympathetic way—the series continues to be a solid ratings performer for the network on Sunday nights.


News of the renewal—because hey, what else are they going to do, make new TV shows right now?—comes alongside an announcement that Universal Television is extending its overall deal with series creator Jenna Bans. Bans got her start writing on Desperate Housewives before making her way into the Shondaland universe of shows; her credits include writing and producing on Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and the short-lived Off The Map.

Good Girls was one of several series forced to cut its latest season short this year, due to production shutdowns related to the COVID-19 quarantine. (Sadly, no PlayStation 3 cut scenes jammed together to fill in pre-taped bits, ala The Blacklist, here.) The series aired its third-season finale on May 3.

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