In what counts as one of the network’s more restrained drama projects in a development season that’s already seen angel detectives talking to animals, NBC has begun work on One Kick, based on the upcoming Chelsea Cain novel about an abducted child who grows up to be an ass-kicking avenger traveling around, rescuing other kidnapped kids. Named “Kick Lannigan” by parents who weren’t looking out for her even before she was abducted, this hardy protagonist survives being “an Elizabeth Smart-type” to grow up and spend her life training in martial arts and weaponry. This ensures she’s never again a victim, but rather the sort of dark, tortured, avenging angel that former Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton can turn into a TV show. As is so often the case on these sorts of shows, Kick is aided by a ”mysterious billionaire,” who becomes her benefactor on the crusade to hunt down every single Amber Alert and make abductors pay—all in what promises to be a heart-stopping thrill ride for network publicists who get to talk about the excitement of child abduction over and over.