Suggesting that things are looking up for poor, old NBC, the network seems to be thoroughly impressed by two of its new dramas. Well, maybe not thoroughly impressed, but impressed enough to not be immediately embarrassed by them. That’s a step up, at least.

The two shows making NBC so moderately proud are The Mysteries Of Laura and Constantine, and NBC has decided to thank them by ordering some additional scripts for each. For anyone not in The Industry (that’s what us people in the TV industry call the TV industry), ordering additional scripts basically means that the network is asking the people who work on the shows to write new episodes that won’t necessarily make it to air. That way, NBC can get an idea of each show’s direction without having to actually pay for anything to be produced.


This all comes from Deadline, which notes that The Mysteries Of Laura has managed to hold onto pretty consistent ratings since its premiere, proving that it is possible to be a mom who is a cop and also get OK ratings. Constantine—which is about a guy who is not a mom trying to juggle that and his career as a ghostbuster—doesn’t premiere until October 24, but Deadline says it “has been tracking very well,” so that’s why NBC is confident enough to not cancel it just yet. Also, “tracking very well” is another thing people say in The Industry. It’s a reference to the old days when shows were filmed on the back of moving trains and the good ones would “track well.” The bad ones would go “off the rails” and turn into fiery wrecks.