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Cain and Abel in Year One

The Bible is a pretty good book—some would say it’s the good book—but a handful of its stories are a little too old-fashioned for today’s modern audiences. Stories, for example, like the one about Cain and Abel. Oh sure, it’s about a guy murdering his brother, but that happens all the time these days. You need to punch it up a little for it to be relatable.

That’s what NBC is apparently thinking, at least, since it just bought a pilot from Ian Edelman (How To Make It In America) and David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada) that Deadline describes as “a sexy soapy Cain and Abel story.” The project is untitled for now, but it’s reportedly about two “very different” Cuban brothers who live in present-day Miami—which Deadline says is “a world where boxers, models, artists, gangsters, and billionaires collide.” We don’t hang out in Miami very often, but that sounds pretty accurate to us. Also, Deadline doesn’t go into this, but we imagine one of the brothers (the evil one, most likely) will murder the other brother. Spoiler alert.


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