Despite a stacked cast, a reportedly stellar pilot taping, and repeated press assertions that it was destined for a fall debut, NBC has opted not to pick up John Mulaney’s sitcom, Mulaney. The show revolving around comedian and former Saturday Night Live writer also co-starred Martin Short, Elliott Gould, SNL’s Nasim Pedrad, and fellow comedians Griffin Newman and Seaton Smith. It also boasted Lorne Michaels as executive producer, and Jimmy Fallon even had a cameo in the pilot. But, hey, even with all those people involved, it probably stunk or something, right? Or maybe it was just so good that NBC simply couldn’t pick it up, dreading yet another critical success/commercial failure situation like 30 Rock. Or maybe NBC wouldn’t know something good if it hit them square in the Thursday night lineup. At this point, who even knows anymore?