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NBC officially renews 30 Rock for its final season, also saves Parenthood

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Finally confirming at least one of the rumors that has been hanging, vulture-like around the Internet for a few days, TV Line says NBC has officially renewed 30 Rock for a seventh and final season comprised of 13 episodes. This development should come as no surprise even without being preceded by said rumor: The end of the show has long been "on the horizon," in Tina Fey's words, especially given that Alec Baldwin has been threatening to leave it all behind, pretty much ever since everyone started giving him those burdensome Emmys. But with this end date now officially in sight, the show can at least go out, as Fey also avowed, on its own terms, and craft the satisfying plot and character resolution that will ostensibly satisfy those people who don't simply appreciate the show as a rapid-fire joke dispenser.

The news was accompanied by confirmation that the similarly endangered Parenthood is also safe—with the under-appreciated drama receiving a 15-episode renewal for a fourth season—as well as a notable vacuum of news on shows Community and Parks And Recreation, shows which we recognize have also been rumored to have shortened and final seasons next year (so you can definitely stop sending us links to those rumors). Whether the fact that the 30 Rock rumor, at least, turned out to be true means that the Community and Parks speculation will also be proved correct remains to be seen, as well as analyzed to death while the network keeps everyone hanging on like total bastards for a little longer.

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