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NBC officially cancels Outlaw

As predicted by its recent work stoppage, NBC’s Outlaw has officially become the third new show of the fall season to get a cancellation notice. For those who missed it, Outlaw starred Jimmy Smits as a Supreme Court justice who quits the bench because he decides he can do more good as an ordinary lawyer—one who works under the cover of darkness, stealing into towns in the dead of night to root out the injustices that have fallen through the cracks of the so-called system of “law and order,” then seeking out criminals wherever they may be hiding and leaving them broken and hogtied for the bumbling police force to find the next morning. And whenever one of his victims is found, the police chief, his ineptitude shamefully exposed once again, slams his fist on his desk and bellows, “OUTLAAAAAAAW!” while a smirking Jimmy Smits slips away into the sunrise. Or something like that. We never watched it, which is probably why it’s been canceled. Incidentally, Outlaw came from Conan O’Brien’s production company, Conaco, so let the conspiracy theories begin. In fact, this sounds like a case for Outlaw.


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