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NBC officially cancels Heroes

Echoing the nation's DVRs approximately three years ago, NBC has canceled Heroes, officially abandoning all plans for a possible fifth season. The comic-book series made by people who apparently hate comic books has spent the years since its breakout first season seeing declining ratings, increasingly irritated fans, approximately 1,012 time travel and death/sudden resurrection subplots that served to completely negate everything that happened before them, and a critical reception that could be charitably characterized as "It buuuurns! It buuuurns!" Taking all this into account—as well as the show's ridiculously high costs, which mostly went toward building elaborate setpieces where it seemed like something cool was finally going to happen to tie the whole plot together but then, ultimately, didn't—NBC has decided it simply isn't worth continuing. However, the network has said it's still considering the possibility of concluding the show with a miniseries special or movie to wrap things up. You know, wrap up all those lingering questions you still have about Heroes.


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