In a story brimming with optimism in more ways than one, NBC has made its first official pick-up—aside from the straight-to-series orders for Hannibal and Mistresses—for the network’s new, everything’s-gonna-be-different fall season. The lucky-with-some-obvious-qualifiers show is the appropriately confidently titled Go On, a half-hour comedy that will represent a reunion for NBC with Friends star Matthew Perry and showrunner Scott Silveri, no doubt driven by the belief that maybe they can all make that sort of magic again and it will be just like old times. After the failures of Studio 60 and Mr. Sunshine, of course, giving Perry another shot at leading a series is similarly optimistic, with both his and NBC’s starting over mirrored symbolically in the show’s premise, which finds Perry playing a grief-stricken sportscaster who learns to pick up the pieces from a recent loss with the help of a support group. “Could he BE more grief-stricken?” reads the tagline that we just wrote, because that is the sort of joke we always make about Matthew Perry news.