Barely a week after Kevin Costner's Hatfields & McCoys miniseries did record-breaking business for the History Channel, NBC has announced its own Hatfields & McCoys project that we can all label as "dueling," because it is about families dueling and that is inherently funny. What fun we have in this, this business of show business reporting. Anyway, the network that coincidentally just now became interested in a Hatfields & McCoys drama series will acquire one from ABC Studios and, in one of the odder associations of late, Charlize Theron, who will produce a modern-day update that Deadline says will find a working-class McCoys still feuding with a now incredibly wealthy and powerful Hatfields—a plotline that sounds remarkably like Dallas with a grounding in facts, save for those that involve today's actual Hatfields or McCoys, or anything those families are actually doing. It will also differ from History's Hatfields & McCoys in that it will take place in a contemporary era where you can't just go around tying people up and shooting them, suggesting their "feud" will mostly be limited to the blue-collar McCoys making petty acts of aggression, only to be immediately met with a barrage of Hatfield lawsuits. But hey, at least it's got that name that those people sort of liked recently, for a little while.