Though music has long been thought of as an artistic passion pursued by trained professionals primarily for listening pleasure, its merits awarded on a subjective basis according to the personal preferences of an audience, NBC will gamble on a reality show in which singing is performed by amateurs for the sake of competition—a format considered so risky, it accounts for only around 40 percent of all television programming. TV Line reports that the network is developing The Winner Is, a show from the producers of The Voice that NBC hopes will similarly give it one reason not to just throw on some old ALF reruns, because what the hell, and which will similarly feature a panel of as-yet-unannounced celebrity judges sitting in yet-to-be-determined types of chairs.

Further variables that may distinguish The Winner Is from all other singing competitions will be its focus on head-to-head battles, with contestants being offered the chance to exit the game before results are revealed in exchange for a cash buyout, thus abandoning their chance at the final $1 million prize and whatever bragging rights remain from being one of the year's hundreds of singing competition victors. "The convolution of in-the-moment negotiations adds one of the few remaining surprise twists to the format, bringing us ever closer to the day when people sing to stop us from amputating one of their limbs," an NBC executive did not say, because come on, they're not going to just come right out and say that.