Reminiscent of the last pilot season’s rush to order anything with “bitch” or “dick” in the title, NBC has picked up a comedy pitch titled My Best Friend Is A Lesbo, which may as well have just been a single sheet of paper with the title scrawled across it in Magic Marker. “Here’s some money,” NBC executives would say, as $100 bills exploded from the spring-loaded pockets of their suits like confetti out of Rip Taylor. Anyway, as you can probably guess, the show—which is based on the real-life experiences of co-writers Sascha Rothchild and Randi Barnes—humorously and sensitively explores contemporary mores about sexuality, as framed by a relationship between a lesbo and her friend, who is not a lesbo. One of them does total lesbo things, while the other, not being a lesbo, is often like, “Oh, you’re such a lesbo!” Smiles. Freeze frame. And obviously, like all of those shows with “bitch” or “dick” in the title, you can expect the name to soften should it ever make it to air, maybe to something like Girlfriends (But Not Like That). You know, so it doesn’t upset the lesbos.