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NBC isn't making that Dwight-centered Office spinoff after all

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Long considered a questionable idea by people who are not in a position to influence these sorts of decisions, plans for the Rainn Wilson-starring Office spinoff The Farm have been abandoned, with Wilson himself revealing the news on Twitter. "NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show," Wilson wrote, adding, " Had a blast making the pilot - onwards & upwards!" It's not immediately clear whether said pilot was the "backdoor" pilot episode meant to be introduced during this season of The Office, wherein viewers would meet all the heretofore-unknown Schrute family members and wacky Nazi uncles that had been cast in recent months (though more than likely that's still the case), or whether the plan is still for Wilson's Dwight character to disappear midseason now that he has nowhere better to go (seemingly less likely). What is clear is that this is the last time you'll get to vent about how this was a bad idea, so get it all out. "Dwight works best in small doses!" "Doesn't anyone remember Joey?" "Bears. Beets. Bad idea," etc.


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