With the fleet-footedness and intuitive understanding of Internet trends typical of the major broadcast networks, NBC is reportedly developing a sitcom called #Winning. But unfortunately for hate-watchers, porn lovers, and those who consider tequila an appetizer (and presumably the significant overlap between them), the show will have nothing to do with Charlie Sheen.

Instead, #Winning is being developed by real-life pals Ben McMillan, Meredith Philpott, and Josh Greenbaum, based on an incident where a former friend collectively broke up with their entire social group via a form letter after getting famous. Having been deemed unfit for this anonymous celebrity’s entourage, the thinly veiled sitcom group will decide to start living like they’re in an HBO dramedy anyway, beginning with getting in on a Twitter hashtag three years too late. NBC has given #Winning a script commitment but hasn’t made a decision about a pilot yet, meaning it could still be replaced by the inspirational drama series #Blessed.