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Tapping into America’s long-standing, Jimmy Stewart-derived love of the filibuster and those who deploy it, NBC is working on a new series based loosely on the life of former Texas senator Wendy Davis. Davis grabbed national attention back in 2013 when she spoke for 11 hours in an attempt to block an anti-abortion bill from passing through the Texas legislature, a height of national prominence that eventually lead to a failed run for the governor’s office in 2014.

Now, Private Practice producer Jennifer Cecil is putting together a series about a Texas politician loosely based on Davis, who ends up going all Bulworth after she loses a similar race. (Bulworth in the “says what she’s thinking without worrying about the political consequences” sense, and hopefully not in the one that involves dressing like a hip-hop artist or hiring a hitman to kill herself.) The untitled series is being described as a dramedy and being compared to The Good Wife, apparently be people who aren’t as enthused as we are about late-’90s political comedies starring a rapping Warren Beatty.


[via Deadline]