In the tradition of Joey, The Tortellis, and forgoing a salad for a mug of balsamic vinaigrette, NBC is considering an Office spinoff starring Rainn Wilson's Dwight Schrute—the character whose bizarre, antisocial behavior adds such an unusual comic flavor to the show in its small doses, it’s high time it were isolated from all that diluting context so viewers can chug it straight. Wilson and showrunner Paul Lieberstein have recently begun warming up the concept, which would revolve around multiple generations of Schrutes living and working on Schrute Farms, presumably all bound together by their mutual love of spouting impromptu facts about nature, obscure American history, and pioneer-era survivalist skills, and making the normal people who visit their bed-and-breakfast uncomfortable. Should it proceed, the show would launch in the midseason of 2013, taking Wilson away from The Office (presuming The Office is renewed for another year, as most expect it will be). And with Dwight gone, The Office can finally rid itself of 75 percent of its comic tension, concentrate on its joys-of-parenting and romantic subplots, and finally get some real work done. [via Deadline]