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NBC is bringing back Timeless for a second time

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In May of last year, NBC canceled its sci-fi drama Timeless. A few days later, it un-canceled Timeless. In June of this year, NBC re-canceled Timeless. Today, like clockwork (get it?), NBC has re-un-canceled Timeless. At the risk of throwing around wildly dangerous allegations, it’s almost like some Timeless fan keeps going back in time and changing history in a weirdly boring way. If only there was a sci-fi drama on NBC about stopping people from disrupting the timeline…

Anyway, this Timeless renewal is a bit different than the last one, as the show won’t be getting a full season this time. According to Vulture, NBC is giving Timeless a two-part finale special to wrap up any lingering storylines. In a statement, creators Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke said that they would’ve liked to do “another dozen seasons of Timeless,” but they’re happy to have a chance to end the story at least. The Timeless special will air “during the holidays this year,” at which point the show will finally be done forever—unless NBC decides to revive it for a third time.

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