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This Is Us

Thanks to the success of This Is Us and the presumed success of its Will And Grace revival, NBC has found itself feeling something it hasn’t felt in many years: optimism. Things are actually looking good for the network, and it’s feeling so positive about its future that NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt actually dared to invoke the name “Must See TV”—the label given to the network’s unbeatable primetime lineups in the ‘90s and early 2000s—in a conference call about NBC’s fall schedule.

This comes from Variety, which reports that Greenblatt specifically said that NBC’s “hope is to create the return of ‘Must See TV’ on Thursday.” To achieve that, it’s “strategically” stacking Thursday with big-name content, including Will And Grace, Great News, and new Dick Wolf spin-off Law And Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders. Dependable smash-hit This Is Us will also be moving to Thursday, with Greenblatt explaining that its popularity made it the one show that could be moved around to buoy the other shows around it without its own ratings taking too much of a hit.


The Blacklist is now moving to Wednesday, and this season’s comedy block of Superstore and The Good Place will be moving to Tuesday nights between The Voice and Chicago Fire. New series The Brave will air on Mondays, and Friday will remain the dumping ground for Blindspot and Taken. You can see the full schedule on Variety.

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