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NBC has a #Blessed new sitcom in the works

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In case you were worried there wasn’t going to be a sitcom with a hashtag in the title, NBC has put #Blessed into production for next season. While we had our hopes up for a gritty reboot of Amen, the show is a workplace sitcom about parent bloggers, led by a recently divorced single dad. Deadline describes the show as “a single-camera workplace family comedy,” so they certainly have plenty of bases covered. We assume that means either a Dick Van Dyke-style split between home and work life, or a Better Off Ted-like workplace comedy that occasionally remembers that one of the officemates has a kid.

The series comes from Alex Blagg, a writer/producer behind Workaholics and @Midnight who’s clearly trying to corner the market on shows with symbols in the title—which, frankly is no worse than the shows with cursing in the title trend from a few years ago. Blagg is also the showrunner on Comedy Central’s upcoming Problematic, in which stand-up Moshe Kasher takes on internet anger.

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