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Despite being told by the star of Sean Saves The World that it “doesn’t have the eyeballs” to program hit shows these days, NBC has given the freshman sitcom five more chances to prove Sean Hayes wrong. According to the Los Angeles Times, the network has ordered five additional episodes of the show, meaning it must’ve seen something it liked in the additional scripts it received from Victor Fresco and company last week. Fingers crossed that “something” is a multi-episode arc in which Thomas Lennon—doing some of his finest eccentrically mustachioed work (different from the barely-hiding-it-mustachioed high jinks of Reno 911!) since the glory days of Viva Variety— finally seizes control and plunges the show about a single dad working a soul-crushing job into the depths of madness. Another option: Pushing the show’s true star, the former Onion Inc. headquarters that now plays Hayes and Lennon’s workplace, to the forefront. After all, it has tons of comedy experience.


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