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NBC goes full '80s with this trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine's February return

We hate to nitpick here at The A.V. Club. (Actually, that’s a 100 percent bullshit goddamn lie.) Regardless, though, we have to ask: If you’re NBC, and you’re going to create an ’80s cop show parody ad to promote the upcoming February 6 return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, why go with a sort of generic neon/VHS vibe, and not a direct reference to a classic NBC cop show of the era, like Hill Street Blues? We’re not paid to throw together pointless hypotheticals for TV marketing—again, a complete and total lie—but we can totally imagine the two show’s ensemble-friendly, endlessly warm tones jibing in a way that slapping a Miami Vice font on all the characters’ names really kind of doesn’t.

Anyway: None of this dulls our excitement at seeing the show itself back for a 7th season, with even more focus than usual being placed on the reliable comedy partnership of Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. Also, there’s a pretty good extended, intentionally awful Monopoly gag in the trailer, suggesting that, even after 7 years, 130 episodes, and 2 TV networks, the show’s dedication to making Jake Peralta look like a complete and total dork is still going strong.

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