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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Like a blue-collar family that continues to pull itself up by its bootstraps and lucrative development deals, Roseanne Barr will get another chance at TV stardom thanks to the similarly downtrodden, catch-as-catch-can Joads over at NBC. Barr has continued her slow barreling into the NBC comedy lineup by signing a deal to create and star in another series there—this following last year’s NBC purchase of Downwardly Mobile, which would have reunited Barr with former TV husband John Goodman and the timely themes of laughing cathartically at poverty (specifically, someone else’s). As that didn’t pan out, Barr has returned to work with producer Steven Greener from her Lifetime reality show Roseanne’s Nuts, in which Roseanne fearlessly let her unfiltered opinions fly right in the face of thousands of macadamia nuts. So this new show should be somewhere in the neighborhood of “mouthing off to macadamia nuts” outrageous, at least.


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