Pretty much determined to prove everyone wrong, it seems, NBC has just issued a full-season order to its Jerry Bruckheimer-produced actioner Chase while ordering four more episodes of the J.J. Abrams-produced sexy spy drama Undercovers—two shows that have not performed all that well in the ratings or with critics. But as with its belief that Outsourced represents a bright new future for the network, NBC cited Chase’s “potential to grow.” Indeed, who knows what interesting things will be chased in the future? Perhaps one day the main lady chaser will realize that, in reality, she’s only chasing herself.

In slightly more rational news, given the show’s intensely loyal following, the network has also ordered 11 more episodes of Chuck, giving the perpetually on-the-bubble series an unusual 24-episode season—which is probably bittersweet news to fans who were already knee-deep in planning how they were going to annoy random passerby with another “Save Chuck” demonstration. Save it for next year, we guess.