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NBC gives America the Will & Grace reunion it doesn’t need on The Mysteries Of Laura

Illustration for article titled NBC gives America the iWill  Grace/i reunion it doesn’t need on iThe Mysteries Of Laura/i

No longer ignoring the overwhelming roar of people musing aloud on message boards about how a Will & Grace reunion might be kind of fun, Deadline reports that Eric McCormack is guest starring on an upcoming episode of NBC’s freshman series The Mysteries Of Laura.


The Mysteries Of Laura stars Messing as a woman who boldly dares to be both a cop and a mom. McCormack will appear on one episode as Dr. Andrew Devlin, an arrogant but charming heart surgeon who also happens to be Laura’s ex-fiancé. When Devlin’s former wife is murdered, he “becomes the lead suspect in the homicide investigation led by a highly suspicious Laura.” Sexual tension ensues, which is definitely the kind of reunion hoped for by people who still long for the days when the two actors exchanged banter as a codependent gay man and his narcissistic female best friend.

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