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NBC drops Emerald City, the gritty and depressing Wizard Of Oz that nobody wanted

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One down, an endlessly increasing number still to go. According to Deadline, NBC has killed its Wizard Of Oz-inspired drama Emerald City with the grace and dignity of a house landing on a witch. For those who can’t keep all of these clever/creatively bankrupt Oz things straight, Emerald City was the one reportedly inspired by Game Of Thrones. Its Dorothy—according to the casting call—was the “natural, and not waify, beauty scarred by past experiences,” one of its witches was a “drugged-out virtuoso filled with self-loathing,” and its Scarecrow was apparently a guy named Henry. Also, there was a group of people called the “Munja’kin,” because Emerald City needed that one last push from “this looks terrible” to “may cause blindness.”


Anyway, ding dong, the project’s dead. NBC and writer Josh Friedman had apparently been having a number of disagreements about Emerald City’s direction, which eventually drove NBC—which had already given it a straight-to-series order—to drop the show entirely. Deadline says the producers are still interested in shopping Emerald City around, but since everyone else in the world is already working on their own clever twist on The Wizard Of Oz, we’re not sure if anyone will be interested.

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