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NBC developing About A Boy as a TV show

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Having already experienced relative-for-NBC success with his movie-to-TV adaptations of Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, Jason Katims is looking to his Netflix queue for inspiration again with a half-hour comedy adaptation of 2002's About A Boy. Like the Nick Hornby-penned book and Hugh Grant-starring movie of the same name, the single-camera show will follow a slacker bachelor whose world is turned upside down after a young boy and his single mother move in next door—a mother who in book and film was depressed and suicidal, which apparently translates on TV to "kooky," according to the Deadline description. It's the second attempt to launch an About A Boy series, following Fox's dashed presentation starring Patrick Dempsey in 2003, but given that Katims will once again be allowed to explore charmingly directionless adults and guys acting fatherly toward kids they're not related to—two of his favorite TV topics—and NBC seems to give anything he does a chance, it's a lot more likely to make it to air.

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