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NBC developing a big-box retailer rom-com from The Office producer

Because nothing says “true love” like long, lingering glances across a spill in the dairy aisle, NBC is apparently working on a new series about the romantic lives of employees working in a Midwest big-box retail store. Bombastically titled The Greatest Love Story Ever Told, the show is being developed by Justin Spitzer, who wrote, produced, and briefly appeared as a dopey doctor on NBC’s previous love-through-forced-proximity romance, The Office. In other words, it’s another show teaching the lonely and the heartbroken of the world that the best way to find love is to fixate on someone you work with, then quietly pine for them until your affections are returned (no matter what HR or those pesky restraining orders say).

Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer—who has some experience with people falling in love after being trapped together in desperate situations, whether it’s being surrounded by zombies or forced to restock the canned veggies—is set to direct the pilot if the script is picked up.


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