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Illustration for article titled NBC decides its really not emReady For Love/em, cancels the reality show

NBC is, along with the rest of the TV-viewing public, not Ready For Love. The network has gone ahead and cancelled the floundering Eva Longoria-produced, Giuliana and Bill Rancic-hosted dating series after just two episodes. The show’s slot, Tuesdays at 10pm EST, will be filled by Grimm until May 21. Dateline will take over Grimm’s Friday night slot.


The two-hour debut of Ready For Love never really found viewers, despite its choice time slot behind The Voice. The show dropped half a ratings point during the first half hour of its first airing and fell even further during its second episode, which only got about 3.2 million viewers.

NBC says it’s not sure where, when, or if the remaining episodes of the show will air. Also, it’s unclear as to whether the three bachelors featured in the show ever found love, leaving America’s romantics to decide for themselves via lusty fan fiction and hasty assumptions.

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