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NBC decides American Odyssey more of a short road trip, cancels it

Anna Friel in American Odyssey

American Odyssey, the show about an international cover-up, has just been canceled by NBC. It seems the cover-up was so effective, this is likely the first time you’ve even heard of the series. Variety reports NBC has yet to comment on the cancelation, but sources confirmed it after co-star Treat Williams, whom you just now found out starred in it because you just now learned of its existence, tweeted the news last night.


The show—which will probably turn up on Netflix sometime next year, at which point people will start talking about this great new show they’ve discovered—starred Anna Friel as an American special forces soldier who “comes across computer files that prove a major corporation is funding jihadists in North Africa.” The show debuted in April after A.D.: The Bible Continues (the show that lets you use the phrase “NBC’s sequel to The Bible”), and like that show, has seen its ratings decline since the premiere. The thriller was originally called simply Odyssey, but NBC changed it in hopes that a more patriotic feel would boost its viewership. Had it not been canceled, NBC was surely planning to add lots more explosions, a bald eagle, and begin each episode with a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

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