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Swearing it can stop whenever it wants, so just back off already, NBC has announced that it’s offered a script-to-series commitment for another 10-episode anthology series to go with that other one it already announced. It’s not an addict, the network assured you, while twitching slightly and avoiding eye contact, it just… really likes anthologies now, okay?


The new series is planned as a Twilight Zone-style “horror/sci-fi/thriller anthology drama,” with isolated, standalone episodes “inspired by true events”presumably, all those stories you keep seeing in the news about people having their necks snapped by ghosts and demons. The as-yet-unnamed show is being developed by Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum, whose prolific series of instructional films about the perils of camera ownership helped bring low-budget horror back into mainstream prominence. Horror-writing group Radio Silence, which previously produced a segment for the 2012 found footage horror anthology V/H/S, is attached to write.

There’s no information yet on what exact format the show will take, but, given the pedigrees of the people involved, we’re betting on “shaky” and “handheld” as good adjectives to stock up on.

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