While Bryan Fuller insisted the reports that his Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane is being scrapped were "dead wrong," it appears that, like the (sort-of-)monstrous family itself, the wrongness of those reports was only mostly dead. The show's $10 million pilot is now being considered to air as a Halloween special, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with the network apparently giving up on the project that has endured such non-cheeky torment in its road to eventual ruin, and now attempting to find any way it can to salvage what's been done already. In the end, Fuller and Singer were rumored to have clashed over the show's style, the finished product was  "said to have come in below the network's expectations," and poor Portia de Rossi was attached to another walking corpse of a series in much the same way her character was hitched to Jerry O'Connell. And Mockingbird Lane will most likely become a one-off airing that could become Bryan Fuller's most briefly glimpsed cult curiosity yet—or, as the endearingly ever-optimistic Fuller puts it, "MOCKINGBIRD LANE LIVES!"