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NBC confirms that we all still like J-Lo, renews her cop show for season two

Shades Of Blue

Confirming that we all do, in fact, still kind of like Jennifer Lopez—at least, enough to not begrudge her a simple life, busting perps and looking great—NBC has renewed her cop show Shades Of Blue for a second season. The police corruption-focused series—which also stars Ray Liotta and Drea De Matteo—just finished airing its fifth episode.

As is increasingly the case of late, Shades’ success came not from live viewings—an archaic ritual in which people gather around to watch programs as they barge uncontrollably into their homes, like some sort of impertinent houseguest—but from delayed and digital viewing. In fact, according to Deadline, Shades Of Blue is one of the most time-shifted shows currently on the air, with many viewers waiting a full week before suddenly remembering “Oh yeah, the J-Lo show,” and clicking over. (Presumably, the full force of Liotta going all The Departed on everybody within his massive wingspan is just too powerful to be experienced while it’s fully fresh.)


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