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NBC chairman threatens ALF reboot if Coach reboot is successful


NBC could reward faithful viewers of the Coach reboot with a second helping of Alf, NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt shared at the TCA press tour yesterday. Presumably because nobody at NBC ever got around to issuing a “Hey, we were just kidding about that whole ridiculous Coach sequel” press release, the Peacock chairman was forced to address the show, which is still happening.

“It’s not a direct kind of reboot,” Greenblatt said, indicating that we will be spared having to see a new actor attempt to channel Craig T. Nelson when hollering “DAU-BER!” “It’s a picking up and it’s an extended family and Hayden is a grandfather, and a father-and-son story.” Perhaps sensing a palpable sense of disengagement wash across the room, Greenblatt then punctuated that plot synopsis with a grim prophecy, declaring, “And if that works, then ALF: The Series is next.”


After jolting the audience awake with the news that NBC might resurrect a show about a cat-eating racist, Greenblatt established that he would not be apologizing for Aquarius. Speaking of the ’60s-era procedural that broke new ground by being available for full-season streaming, by finally giving Fox Mulder that flattop he should have had all along, and for controversially depicting Charles Manson as borderline attractive, the NBC chairman was unequivocal. “I’m never going to apologize for renewing a show that I think is creatively superb,” Greenblatt said, possibly having to clarify that he was still talking about Aquarius. Meanwhile, fans of an actual creatively superb NBC program are still waiting to receive an apology of some sort.

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