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NBC cancels Timeless, again

Goran Višnjič, Matt Lanter, Abigail Spencer, and Malcolm Barrett star in Timeless
Photo: Ron Batzdorff (NBC)

Variety reports NBC has canceled the sci-fi drama Timeless. No, you’re not experiencing dé vu—it’s just that a little more than a year after the network reversed its own decision to cancel the series from Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan, NBC has decided once more that time’s up for Timeless.

The drama starred Abigail Spencer as a historian who teamed up with a scientist played by Malcolm Barrett and a soldier played by Matt Lanter to track down a stolen time machine. In their pursuit of Flynn (Goran Višjnić), they traveled to bygone eras and otherwise tried to prevent the thief—and each other—from messing with history. In an early assessment of the pilot, the A.V. Club found the mix of genres too uneven, but in the course of its two seasons, Timeless righted the ship. Our own Allison Shoemaker gave the season-two finale an A-, and wrote that the episode pointed to how “engrossing and thrilling” a third season would be. NBC is currently in talks with Sony Pictures Television for a Timeless TV movie that would serve as a series finale.


Ryan tweeted his disappointment over the news and gratitude to the show’s fans earlier today.


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