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NBC cancels The Carmichael Show

(Photo: Chris Haston/NBC)
(Photo: Chris Haston/NBC)

NBC has canceled The Carmichael Show. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the network announced the decision earlier this afternoon, shortly after star, co-creator, and namesake Jerrod Carmichael released a statement saying that he was leaving the series. Today was also the day that the options for the show’s cast—which also includes David Alan Grier, Amber Stevens West, and Loretta Devine—were set to expire.

NBC praised the series in its statement, with NBC Entertainment’s Bob Greenblatt writing, “We thank and salute the cast, crew, and producers—and especially Jerrod—for three critically-acclaimed seasons.” Carmichael was equally laudatory, writing warmly about his time on the series, but noting that it’s time “to go make other things that I love.”

For three seasons (okay 2.5), I got to make a show that I love with my friends. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was 13. Now, I’m excited to go make other things that I love. Thank you to every person who worked on or watched The Carmichael Show.


(That “2.5” is presumably a reference to the show’s first season, which was only six episodes long.)

The Carmichael Show was frequently praised by critics for its willingness to talk about and engage with political realities in the U.S., a rarity in the prime-time sitcom world. That timeliness occasionally skirted controversy, though; the show was recently forced to delay an episode centered on gun violence, after the Alexandria, Virginia shootings on June 14. At the time, Carmichael expressed disappointment that NBC chose to delay the episode, calling it a “disservice to the viewer.” The episode eventually aired on June 28.

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