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NBC cancels Law And Order: Los Angeles and The Event

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Like a contestant on The Biggest Loser, NBC’s early-morning binging must necessarily be followed by an afternoon purging, and so it is that the network has dumped both Law And Order: Los Angeles and The Event, according to Deadline. The ripped-from-the-Hollywood headlines Law And Order: LA—though occasionally good for making fun of Lindsay Lohan and scenes of Skeet Ulrich getting murdered—never really caught on, thanks in no small part to its mid-season hiatus for retooling. And unfortunately the refurbished version with its more pronounced roles for Terrence Howard and Alfred Molina scored even lower numbers than its earlier episodes, so it now joins the L&O mothership that it was hastily created (sans pilot, even) to replace.

In the case of The Event, NBC’s attempt at creating a Lost-like “event” series by actually naming a show The Event, the much-hyped mystery started strong with an intriguing premiere, but quickly faded that as everyone realized the answer was “aliens.” There is apparently some hope for those who stuck by it, however, as talks are reportedly underway with other distribution partners (including potentially Netflix) to pick it up possibly, so maybe you’ll get to see exactly what kind of aliens or whatever.

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