Once touted as one of the few breakout hits of its freshmen lineup—only to realize that its audience was primarily “people who didn’t change the channel after passing out in front of The Voice”—Go On has become the latest casualty of NBC’s cleaning house… with blood. This, the most recent of many Matthew Perry experiments, had been struggling ever since losing its Tuesday night lead-in, with even a Courteney Cox appearance failing to delude audiences into believing it was once again the ‘90s and, hey, they should probably watch this all-new episode of Friends before logging into an America Online chat room, cueing up a “Mambo No. 5” CD single on repeat, and cybering the night away. Instead, despite its potential and a solid supporting ensemble, the once-vibrant Go On is now dead, leaving fans to find their own grief support group composed of wacky characters whom they gradually sort-of get to know. Also according to the cancellation announcement, the show still is not called Goon—which, in hindsight, may have been part of the problem. Good night, sweet Goon. May flights of goons sing you to your goon.