Photo: Eddy Chen (NBC)

The bloodbath of TV cancellation season isn’t quite over yet. Variety reports that NBC has announced the cancellation of three freshman series: Abby’s, The Enemy Within, and The Village.

In the likely occurrence that these series are unfamiliar to you: The Village appeared to try to grab some momentum from hit sentimental drama This Is Us by exploring the lives of close-knit neighbors in a New York apartment building. Abby’s was also similar to another NBC show—Cheers—by centering around a bar, although it changed things up by actually filming outside in lieu of a soundstage, as the series’ main character was running a bar out of her backyard. And The Enemy Within, says Variety, was a “character-based psychological thriller” in drama which an FBI agent has to work alongside a traitorous former CIA operative “to help track down a fiercely dangerous and elusive criminal she knew all too well.” It wasn’t even the only FBI/CIA mashup to be cancelled this season; ABC gave the similarly themed but lighter-hearted Whiskey Cavalier the final ax last week.


Perhaps the upcoming TV season will include fewer derivative programs, but the way these broadcast seasons usually go, we kinda doubt it.