Truth Be Told

After presumably being offended by the show’s “tell it like it is” nature and “in your face” style, NBC has cut the number of episodes it has ordered for new comedy series Truth Be Told. As reported by TV Line, the show was originally getting 13, but that has now been reduced to 10. TV Line also notes that Truth Be Told “drew a meager 0.6 demo rating” for its second episode, which is the fancy way of saying that not very many people watched it. Bad ratings and a reduced episode count don’t necessarily mean that Truth Be Told will be canceled soon, though, as NBC could just be going for a “quality-versus-quantity” thing. Maybe the three episodes it cut were going to be really bad, and the remaining few are all great? It’s very unlikely, but NBC has done about a million weirder things in the past, so who knows what will happen.