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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled NBC buys fourteenth season of emLaw And Order: SVU/em, gets new Dick Wolf procedural

Bringing some sense of stability to a fall season already fraught with upheaval, NBC has issued a fourteenth season to Law And Order: Special Victims Unit, ensuring that no matter what change may come to the network, you can take comfort in knowing that somebody will always be sexually assaulted. The renewal also means that NBC has officially collected enough punches on its card to receive a new Dick Wolf procedural of Law And Order-size or lesser value, which it immediately cashed in on the forthcoming Chicago Fire. As the name suggests, the show will follow a group of "complex and heroic" men and women working within the Chicago Fire Department—and if the spinoff history of Dick Wolf's other franchise is any indication, they're already working out whether "fire rape" is a thing. Anyway, hopefully it'll stick around long enough to help NBC finally accumulate enough points to win Dick Wolf, the detective show we've been awaiting for nearly two decades now.


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