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NBC bringing back Fear Factor

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NBC has announced plans to bring back its hit game show Fear Factor, for many years television’s premier source for seeing people covered in scorpions and wrist-deep in buffalo cock-eating competitions. According to EW, the idea to revive it came after network heads noticed that reruns were doing solid numbers on NBC’s sister cable channel Chiller, and that the plan is to “make it even bigger” with “more visually arresting” stunt and camera work—though not necessarily in upping the gross-out factor, which would be difficult unless they started adding human cadavers or hydrochloric acid or something. No word yet on when it will premiere (though it’s likely we’ll see it as early as next year), and it also hasn’t been decided who will take Joe Rogan’s place as the slyly sadistic host, although who wouldn’t like to see Guy Fieri on this show? Covered in scorpions while gobbling buffalo cock, I mean, not hosting.


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