A quick round-up of news from NBC’s upfront presentations today:

- Dick Wolf confirms, for anyone still holding out hope, that the Law And Order mothership is dead…

- ..but s we've said before, it’s hard to weep knowing that there are so many other L&O spinoffs still thriving—including the new Law And Order: Los Angeles, which just added Terrence Howard as a series regular.


- Speaking of series regulars, Rob Lowe has been promoted to the fulltime cast of Parks And Recreation—which is still relegated to midseason until NBC gives Outsourced a chance to live up to everyone’s most cynical expectations.

- Also making the pilgrimage to NBC’s Thursday night comedy block: Drew Carey, who will guest star on Community this season, though it hasn’t been announced who he’ll be playing. In other news, Drew Carey is crazy skinny now. Check it out.


-Finally, 30 Rock has announced that it will do a live episode in October, with two different versions for viewers on both coasts. Expect Tracy Morgan to have about three lines.