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NBC and Bryan Fuller remaking The Munsters

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello has the exclusive report that NBC and Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me) are working up a remake of The Munsters, which, frankly, sounds like an incredible waste of time. Here you have a show that wasn’t that popular the first time around, that became (at best) an object of kitsch affection through the sheer carpet-bombing of syndicated reruns, that boasts one of the most derided reboots in television history, and the remake is being headed by a producer who—his storytelling skills and visual flair aside—has one of the highest track records of quickly shuttered shows in the business, all for a network whose past forays into reviving classic TV (i.e., Knight Rider and Bionic Woman) have become cautionary tales for the entire industry. So couldn’t we just skip to the part where it’s canceled?

Well, we suppose we should at least report that the network has desperately pitched the show as “Modern Family meets True Blood.” (What, they couldn’t also work in Twilight, “hip-hop music,” and “back rubs”?) They’ve also hinted that Guillermo Del Toro is “eyeing a behind-the-scenes role”—which doesn’t mean as much as it used to, seeing as Del Toro is probably eyeing a behind-the-scenes role at your kid’s school production of Grease. Anyway, expect to hear Brad Garrett’s name attached to this any day now, followed by the lethargic sigh of the universe.

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