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NBC and ABC's new shows: Adam Carolla sitcom, Detroit crime mockumentary

The networks are kicking off the year with a smattering of new shows. NBC is taking on a new Adam Carolla pilot, while ABC—which last month picked up the British import Awkward Situations For Men and the have-you-heard-about-these-gender-differences sitcom Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid—is picking up a drama about Detroit homicide detectives.

NBC's single-camera sitcom, as yet untitled, stars Carolla as a contractor dealing with his recent divorce, Variety reports. The project sees Carolla again collaborating with Kevin Hench; the two have previously teamed up for The Man Show, The Hammer, and last year's failed pilot Ace In The Hole - a.k.a. pretty much everything Adam Carolla's done that you've heard of, plus The Hammer and Ace In The Hole. Not much is known about the show, but Adam Carolla can do the abrasive everyman as well as anyone, so here's hoping for the best.

After its double helping of sitcoms, ABC is opting for some heavier fare with the crime mockumentary 1-8-7 Detroit, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Named after the police code for murder, the show will follow a fictional homicide division in Detroit. Though we've seen the mockumentary's increasing prevalence on TV (The Office, Reno 911!, Modern Family) it's rare to find the format with a drama. The script is by Jason Richman, who also wrote Bangkok Dangerous and Swing Vote. Remember them? Vaguely? While Richman's credits are a little dubious, he is teamed up with Mandeville Films, the production company behind the quirkiest of quirky crime procedurals, Monk.


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