Adding to today’s NBC bloodbath, the network has mercifully suffocated two more long-suffering comedies, killing off Guys With Kids and humanely putting down the dismembered, half-alive stump of Up All Night. The latter is likely not a surprise to anyone who’s been keeping up with the show’s slow descent into madness, a crazed quest for endless retooling that recalled Sarah Winchester forever building staircases to nowhere into her house, without the benefit of a logical reason like wanting to confuse ghosts. With today’s cancellation, we no longer have to be subjected to a show in which there is a magic portal only babies can see, soundtracked by the disembodied laughter of a studio audience amused by the quality comedy only it can see. Also, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph are now officially free to pursue other projects, as the stage lights are slowly brought down then extinguished on a lone baby left there to starve.

Guys With Kids was a show about guys taking care of kids—a premise so preposterous, it had to be canceled.