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Illustration for article titled NBC also decides it doesnt like Dane Cooks sitcom before it even premieres

Despite the solid comedic premise of Dane Cook playing a smug douche who forces his colleagues to defend him out of professional obligation, NBC has decided not to move forward with its midseason sitcom Next Caller Please, after ordering and then actually watching four episodes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show was “not heading in the creative direction” the network expected from a show starring Dane Cook that was somehow expected to have a creative direction. There’s no clarification as to what NBC hoped said creative direction might have been—the show paired Cook’s misogynistic, narcissistic shock jock with a female former NPR host, and thus COMEDY CONFLICT—but it’s possible this was not the modern-day Tracy/Hepburn with more sound effects they were promised. And thus, Next Caller Please was all like, “’Sup, NBC bros? Whoa, what are you-? Yaaaaaaargghhhhh! *choking sound* Fuck! *gunshot* *high-pitched scream* You know? You know?” [Drops mic, throws up arms, exits to rapturous applause.]


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